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Kat & Satoshi

What a waste of your time...I really feel for you. I hope they can give you the news (one way or the other) soon!!

I really love your photos!!


The photos are beautiful.. Snow is so pretty especially when you don't have to drive in it..tee hee. Poor soul on the bike...she's probably still there waiting for the thaw....
Wha???? they didn't have the lab results yet on the tissue????? I'd be on the phone looking for answers!!!!! It should take a day or two at the most!!!! But, don't worry, they're not...


Sorry to hear your day was wasted! I'm crossing my fingers for you... The pictures are gorgeous, though.


Love the photos :-) Good luck with the rest results.


Thanks. I'm sure I'll be just fine, and I'm not looking forward to going all the way back there and waiting another two hours just so the doctor can tell me nothing's wrong...

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